Float Drums

We are marketing Ace polyethylene rotomolded floats made in USA by Den Hartog, a company specialized in injection molding and rotomolding. Today, we are offering more than 57 standard floats of various sizes. If our standard range is not answering a specific need, we can develop a new float for the satisfaction of our clients.

Quality begins with the best raw materials – virgin LLDPE resin for the outer shell and virgin EPS foam for the low water absorbing fill -and continues with time-tested manufacturing processes backed by rigid quality standards and a goal of exceeding industry standard tests. The result show a 40 year life expectancy and the best ROI for your flotation investment.

The structural integrity and performance of flotation is compromised when resins or foam containing regrind materials or any off-spec materials are used.

The best dock float shell is one made of virgin polyethylene resin mixed with the correct level of UV inhibitor and carbon black.  Using “out of spec” resin, regrind and/or improper mixes of resin and UV Black can result in below minimum wall thicknesses, improper shell curing that leaves air bubbles in top 76 mm of the wall, and premature failures when stressed by impacts and loads. Our's consistent and tested dock float wall thickness is 4 mm nominal. No spot in the dock float shell will be less than 3,18 mm at any point.

The water absorption characteristic of EPS foam in our dock floats is determined by quality standards and methods used to pre-expand the foam beads before filling the dock float shell and by closely monitoring the bead steaming process that expands the foam to form a void free solid block fill.

Our floats are regularly tested using the 7-Day Hunt Water Absorption Test. This test says that the foam should absorb less than 48 Kg/m3 over seven days to pass muster.

Our floats floats consistently measure around 16 to 20 Kg/m3 . with all points in the shell completely filled. You'll find no loose beads in a our float.

For years dock floats have been purchased without accurate tank-tested buoyancy ratings. Published buoyancy ratings have been calculated based on the outside dimensions of the dock float shell only; and it turns out that the calculated rating for a float size can be up to 21% higher than its actual tank tested rating. So you may be paying for buoyancy pounds you’re not getting.

If you based your dock float buy on calculated buoyancies, the freeboard and the load carrying capacity of your docks could be 21% lower than the design goal. Here is an example of a small 14 slip dock section. Check out the variance in the number of floats needed for this project.

The float shell is seamless so there are no weak weld points to fail. And, structural ribs on both the top and bottom deliver added strength and durability. External mounting flanges and slots are an integral part of each dock float design. You never have to penetrate the float body to attach a float to a floating dock frame; so you never compromise the dock float water tight integrity or introduce an unnecessary failure point. And installation is much faster and easier, as well.

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